Chia Flows Healing Energy

Brings love, peace  and harmony to your being


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What is unique about Chiayueh (pronounced “jia-yue”) Flowing Energy treatments?

I started working with people and assisting with the smooth flow of their life energy shortly after I learned Chinese Qiqong meditation in 1998.  After several years, the meditation evolved into a more physical and hands-on practice.  I was able to align and adjust their bodies in a way that cleared up blocked pathways of energy and brought relief of many bodily discomforts and aliments. During each session, I could feel our energy fields blend together very lovingly and peacefully. After bringing relief to so many people over the years, I knew that energy medicine and bodywork is my life calling.

I added Reiki to my treatments in 2007.   As Reiki students we are taught that when we receive the ability to share Reiki, we also receive a Reiki guide, a spiritual being that directs our actions during the session for the highest and greatest good of the client.

As my experience with Reiki has grown, my sessions have evolved into a unique blending of Qiqong and Reiki that can include working with the energy around the body, as well as working in a very firm and tactile way on the body. That includes passive manipulation of muscles and joints, pressing, shaking, striking and stretching to release any energy blockage, thus bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance.