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Michael R. Shurin, MD, PhD

My first experience was when I experienced a terrible and painful attack of gout and was unable to walk without limping. Two sessions per week for 3 weeks and I forgot about my problems for almost three years and counting. My second problem was the chronic muscular hypertension in my right hand due to dislocation of cervical vertebrae. I could not use a keyboard and had to interrupt my work on a computer every 10-15 minutes; even driving was a problem and surgery was recommended. Again I asked for Chiayueh’s help and she saved me from surgery.  Now, 2 years later, I spend hours working on my computer without any serious complications. Thanks to Chiayueh!

What I have learned about Reiki is that Chiayueh has developed her unique Reiki system based on a long-term experience, "knowing where to place the hands", and distinctive sensitivity and feeling of body energy. I also very much appreciated her ability to combine Reiki healing with a powerful muscle manipulation and stretching when it was required and helpful. This style of Reiki places more emphasis on the healing of ailments and ascension to higher levels of attunement. Being a real skeptic about Reiki at the beginning (as most medical doctors are) and being pushed by my wife to try it, I can confess that I was wrong: healing energy can be really transferred through the palms of the expert.

Michael R. Shurin, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology and Immunology, University of Pittsburgh


Margo  B. Holm, PhD

Six months ago I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica (severe pain and stiffness of the shoulders and hips that starts suddenly, and is not uncommon to those of Scandinavian descent, ages 70+).  I use a computer up to 10 hours/day, and I explained to her that I was no longer able to lift my arms overhead or reach behind my back, and when I stood up my hips were so stiff that I could not start walking immediately because I was not stable.  Initially Chiayueh came to my office three times/week and while I sat in my chair, she worked on my shoulders, using a combination of tapping, touch, slow stretching, and deep pressure.  On Sundays I was able to go to her office, where she concentrated on my hips as well as my shoulders, in addition to total body relaxation and healing energy work.  Polymyalgia Rheumatica tends to run its course in about 2 years, and then repeats after about 10 years. Because of Chiayueh I am on a “maintenance dose” of Reiki every 2 weeks now, and able to move without pain.

Margo  B. Holm, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, ABDA

Professor Emerita, University of Pittsburgh


I am Rita Baldwin.  

Six months ago I began to have excruciating  pain all the way from my shoulder to my fingertips in my right arm.  This was accompanied with numbness and tingling.  My doctor sent me to a Orthopedic Surgeon.  After X-ray and MRI, he suspected a pinched nerve and herniated disc, but was not sure of the location.  He sent me to physical therapy, 3 times a week for 3 months.  This did not help the problem.  He then sent me for a Mylogram, which confirmed herniated disc and pinched nerve, at the base of my neck.  He recommended surgery as soon as possible.

I was concerned with the risks of neck surgery and decided to postpone surgery.  I called Chia, a Reiki Master.  She began treatment 3 times a week.  Soon it will be 4 weeks of treatment.  In the first week, the pain in the arm decreased.  Continued treatment relieved the pain more and more.  Now, the tingling is gone.  There is lingering numbness.  The pain is greatly decreased.  The pain will return, not very strong, if I am doing very demanding work with my arm.  Otherwise, the pain is very tolerable on a daily basis.  I am very grateful for Chia’s help in resolving my problem with the herniated disc and pinched nerve.  I recommend her treatment and ability to help to anyone dealing with pain or discomfort of any kind.  I just thank her very much.

Rita Baldwin

Plum, PA


I met Chiayueh in a “Cancer Friends’ Association”established in Taiwan, R.O.C. while she returned to Taiwan.  I was so curious about her energy flow healing, therefore I asked her to let me try.  I got breast cancer, even though I didn’t feel pain but I know my shoulders and muscles are tight all the way. The Reiki she sent to me was very fluid, gentle, peaceful which made me total relax.  This was the first time, I felt the body treatment is so comfortable and I had a special feeling just like I was touched by an angel.  I was deeply loved, I felt so touching.  Afterward I received her treatments continuously while she was in Taiwan.  Each time, the way she did to me was different, but the energy she offered to me was just the amount & where I want.Compared with traditional Chinese massage.  I felt Chiaenergy bring to me more calm and my body and mind are refreshed.  I really enjoyed it very much. 


Ya-Zhou YANG

Taiwan, R.O.C.


Johnie Perryman

I have known Chiayuah for a few years now and have used her Reiki treatments. Chiayuah is intuitive and very professional in her work. Her treatments are infused with love because she really care about her clients. I have received great results and will go to her for any health problem. She has my highest recommendation.

Johnie Perryman

Clairton, PA


Rushyan Yen

After many years of chronic injuries from running cross country and track, my problems climaxed in a torn Achilles tendon, painful plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture on my shin bone.  I visited numerous sports therapists and doctors both in Europe and the U.S. but six months later I was still on crutches and unable to walk without pain.  I love running more than anything and the mental and spiritual strain of not being able to run became more painful than the physical injuries.  I came to Chiayueh in a very depressed state and desperate for a solution.  After just one session, I felt noticeably calmer and happier.  A few weeks of follow up sessions later I was not only walking comfortably but starting to jog again.  That was six years ago and in spite of running more than ever I have not experienced any of the chronic injuries I once had.  Last month I ran my first marathon and finished completely pain free!  I would and have recommended Chiayueh to all of my friends!

Rushyan Yen

New Haven, CT


Mary Ann & Bryan Jack

Chiayueh’s wondrous treatments have changed our lives! My husband had a severe stroke 2 ½ years ago, at eh age of 46. He lost the use of his left arm and leg.  Chiayueh was in the intensive care unit, giving him a treatment even before I was allowed to see him.

Today after devoted treatments of Reiki and Chigong from Chiayueh, and Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Therapy, he is walking again and has regained arm movement.  We were blessed to have a team of healers watching over us.  Thank you, Chiayueh, for your skills, determination, caring heart and the generous time and help that you gave to us.

Mary Ann& Bryan Jack

Pittsburgh, PA


Jonathan Gribe

This is a review of how I felt about Reiki therapy and the results that it has had on my health.

Overall the therapy I feel was very beneficial and I believe is the reason that I was able to get better quicker. 

--Before the therapy--

In order to fully understand the effect of therapy it might help to understand the situation and my condition before I received reiki therapy. My situation is not typical and has a diagnosis that would not be understood by most people. Thus I feel is necessary to dive into some explanation first.


 So what happened probably at least 6 months prior to receiving therapy I was on treatment for hepatitis C.  Although the drugs I needed to take were effective in treating hepatitis C are also very toxic to the body and there were alot of terrible side effects.  So I was on this hepatitis C treatment for almost a year and my reactions to the medication was perceived as being normal.  Although typically a tough treatment it I was seemingly handling it quite well for about a year and then that is when my body took a turn for the worst.


By June of 2014 the effect of the medication was beginning to take a serious toll on my body and what ended up happening was my body had a severe reaction to medication and I ended up the next day in the emergency room.  This wasn't a normal stomach flu as the doctors had suspected but ended up being a more severe autoimmune problem my doctors called, "Anti-body mediated rejection," a condition where my immune system would not only attack my liver but literally formed antibodies against my liver.  They said that if this was left untreated I would need to get a liver transplant.   Thus began my doctors attempt to treat this condition.


So after the summer my doctors began a desperate attempt to treat this condition upon which I was in the hospital for a total time of about a month.   The treatment was known as a plasma exchange upon which their attempt was to remove the malicious antibodies from my body in addition to a very strong amount of immunosuppression. 

In the beginnning the results where good and after a week my liver enzymes went down to their normal values.  However, in about a few days time the liver enzyme numbers would go back up to abnormal levels again.


To make a long stories short my doctors tried this therapy two times using slightly different methods and medications.  But the result was the same both times.  The liver numbers returned to normal after treatment, but they would sky rocket up a few  days later.


My doctors finally concluded that they could not do anything more for me and that they would just have to monitor and see where my enzyme livers would go from there.   Most of the doctors that I spoke to their were convinced that things would get worst and it was only a matter of time before I would need a new liver.


And in fact prior reiki therapy my situation was getting worst.  So that is when I decided to give reiki therapy a go and I'm glad I did.


--My initial thoughts about reiki therapy--

When I first began reiki therapy although I did notice a positive change in my energy level I was actually skeptical.  After all something like reiki and healing through this method was quite foreign to me at the time since it wasn't exactly what I was used to. I thought of it kind of like a vitamin.  It helps, but it won't really help me get better. But then  I thought well at least it makes me feel better and I have nothing to lose so I will try to give this my best shot and have a positive attitude about it and my situation.


So I would now like to share with you the results of my reiki therapy.


--Short term result of therapy--

Before I received consistent therapy I was  severely lacking in energy and was getting fatigued quite often.  It was not easy to get through a day of work without getting totally stressed and burned out even doing the simplest task since my body was still struggling greatly with this problem.


However, within about two weeks of serious treatment I noticed that there was a slight difference in my energy.  My body would feel a lot more calmer during the day and at work.  The result in two weeks wasn't enormous, but it was a very subtle thing that I noticed beginning to happen.


And during therapy itself I felt usually more relaxed than normal, but wouldn't necessary notice the increase in energy until maybe a little bit after therapy.  Maybe I would be a little bit of an energy boost but again most of the energy I felt happened after the therapy session.


--The impact of therapy over the longer term--

Being able to go through therapy I feel allowed me to get better quicker in the sense that my body now had more energy than before to work with and was able to get better a lot easier.  I know that therapy had a huge impact because about two months after I began receiving therapy  my lab numbers got alot better and symptomatically I was feeling a lot better as well.  I had a significant amount more energy and I wasn't feeling so bad all the time stomach-wise.


As Reiki sessions continued things continued to slowly but surely get better.  In April my lab numbers improved again from where they had been before and seems like at this point my doctors contrary to what they had told me now believed that if the trend continued then I wouldn't need a transplant.


I must say that I am very happy with  the results of therapy thus far because it was something that I wasn't expecting and it was amazing for me to see an alternative therapy working instead of just taking medications that the doctors prescribed for me.  After the therapies that my doctors have given to me prior this is the therapy that seems to be working.


So I wanted to thank you generously for your willingness to give me this therapy and I hope to continue to work with you in the future.


Thank you.